About Us

The LoanBoss blog focuses on finance. In India, we want to make financial products knowledgeable and easily accessible to the common man. When I search for something I find that a lot of content is available for people who speak English, but not as much in regional languages. In order to achieve this, I want knowledge to be spread throughout all the Indian languages. Why should English speakers have all the fun?
There are a variety of financial instruments available in the market which language-specific people have never heard of, so I will attempt to bring this knowledge to all genres.
I am Vijay, and I have over 15 years of experience in IT, but my hobby is to read about technology and financial instruments. I want to spread this knowledge. I hope you will like my initiative.

Initially I will cover all topics related Loans. I will share the information about different type of loans available as everybody needs loan to fullfill their personal or professional needs. Later I will cover other topics too. I will try post information more frequently please support me in this initiative.