True Balance App – how to get a loan

In this article we will discuss True Balance App – how to get a loan. I strongly believe that we have to take the help of others to meet our needs. Moneylenders and banks fulfill that. All of us have requirements, however, which we are not able to meet. Banks may require collateral or property papers, for example. In the absence of any of these, getting a loan is very difficult.

We turn to loan apps in such a situation, which give us the ability to borrow money without requiring any paperwork. The truth is, many people don’t believe it. We are going to tell you about the same type of loan application that not only allows you to take it, but also earn money from giving it. In true Balance’s mobile app – which we’ll discuss later – you can apply for a loan online.

What is True Balance: How does it work?

True Balance is a one-stop shop for all of your financial services needs.

• You can choose from a variety of products such as prepaid recharges, postpaid recharges, electricity bill payments, and gas bill payments.

• You can purchase a gift card, book train tickets, and purchase gold that you can then sell and have it delivered to your home or office.

• True Balance offers a wide range of products including mobile phones, mobile accessories, appliances, and fashion.

It is possible to receive exclusive offers and special rewards for referring your friends, in addition to cashback on your transaction.

• In order to be eligible for referral bonuses, you must invite your friends. When your friends download our app and register with their mobile number, you will receive referral points, and your friends will also receive referral points. These points can be used to recharge your mobile phone. If you want to learn more about “Free Points,” please see the FAQs.

• True Balance automatically updates the current status of the offers that are currently running in the application.

Online loan from True Balance –

  • You need to download the app first from google play store
  • You will have to enter your mobile number in the next option.
  • Check the OTP you’ll receive now.
  • In order to complete KYC, you only need your linked Aadhaar number.
  • Please enter your PAN card number.

It is now possible to access your home page after your ID has been created. There will be a lot of options available here. Refer and earn, cash loan, and others.

EMI Calculator

How to get a personal loan

Follow these easy steps to apply for a True Balance Cash loan:

  • On the App Home page, tap Cash Loan
  • Click ‘Accept Terms & Conditions’ after checking eligibility
  • And you are to go, get your Cash Loan

You will receive a cash loan at least of 3000 rupees, which will be for 2 months. You can also get over one lakh in this way a second time.

The CIBIL score will determine whether you are eligible for a level-up loan, which can range from Rs 5000 to Rs 5 lakh.

How long does it take to get approved for a personal loan?

It takes only 5 minutes to determine whether or not you are eligible to proceed with the loan application.

Is it possible for me to take out multiple loans?

The user can take out only one loan at a time. After you have repaid the loan, you can request a subsequent loan within the eligibility guidelines according to your profile for the desired amount.

Customer Support True Balance App

  • Complaints can be made through ‘Help’/ ‘Contact Us’ sections of the True Balance app
  • Using TrueBalance’s website, you can file an online grievance under the ‘Help’ section. On their website, it may be found at the bottom right corner.
  • 01204001028 Customer care is available from 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Saturday (excluding national holidays)

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