What is SBI Kavach Personal loan and how to get it.

What is SBI Kavach Personal loan and how to get it.

In this article we will discuss What is SBI Kavach Personal loan and how to get it. Numerous people suffered financial hardship and some lost loved ones during the pandemic’s second wave. Thus, in order to cover the cost of Covid 19 treatment, one might apply for an SBI Kavach Personal Loan at an interest rate of 8.5 percent. Individuals may take out this loan for up to five years, and the greatest part is that it is collateral-free and includes a three-month loan moratorium. You can learn more about the loan’s additional characteristics, which are extremely beneficial to those afflicted by the pandemic’s second wave. It will provide some relief to those who are unable to afford the treatment costs for Covid Disease.

SBI Kavach Personal Loan Eligibility Requirements

  • This loan is available to salaried, non-salaried, and retired individuals.
  • This loan was determined to be Covid Positive if it was used solely for the treatment of self or family.
  • This loan is available to those who are diagnosed with Covid on or after April 1, 2021.
  • Each applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • A person’s income must be stable.

How to get a SBI Kavach Personal Loan

  • On your computer or laptop, access SBI’s official website.
  • Expand the Loans Tab, and then select Personal Finance.
  • A new page will now open, displaying several loan types.
  • On that page, click the Personal Loan link.
  • You can now apply for a SBI Kavach personal loan.
  • Then you may submit an application for this loan.

Features of SBI Kavach Personal Loan

Features of the SBI Kavach Personal Loan

Minimum Personal Loan₹25000
Maximum Personal Loan₹5 Lacs
Rate of Interest8.5% per annum
TenureUp to 5 Years
Moratorium3 Months
CollateralNot Needed
Processing FeeNIL
Pre-Payment PenaltyNIL
Foreclosure ChargesNIL

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Loan?

  • Individuals who are financially unable to cover the Covid 19 Treatment Expenses.
  • This loan may be used to pay for hospitalisation and other medical expenses.
  • From the very following month, a three-month moratorium will relieve you of paying your EMIs.
  • This loan comes with a low interest rate and requires no collateral.
  • You have five years to pay it off, with a three-month grace period at the start.
  • The principal amount is negotiable and ranges from $25,000 to $55,000.


We are all aware that the costs associated with covid 19 treatment are rather substantial, regardless of whether the individual is hospitalised or treated at home. Thus, the SBI Kavach Personal Loan may provide assistance to the Covid 19 Patient and his family. Individuals can apply for a personal loan in person or online. On the other hand, the Indian government has launched a Business Loan program to support the establishment of oxygen plants and healthcare facilities. A 7.5 percent interest rate will apply to the business financing. These government and State Bank of India steps will assist us in winning the Covid-19 struggle.

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